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The Motivational Interviewing Practice Blueprint [MI-PB] is a guidebook for practice development coaching. It’s designed to be used by trainers, coaches and practitioners as an aid to achieving a sustained level of demonstrable competence in the practice of MI.

a guidebook

for coaching

The MI-PB describes ten practitioner behaviour sets considered to be precise targets for attaining the highest standard of MI-consistent practice. Taken as a whole, the ten targets amount to a comprehensive description of the observable practice of MI done well.

The MI-PB provides a sequence of ‘lenses’ through which practice performance is brought into focus, while the accompanying impressions schematic offers a simple measure of the distance between the observed practice and each exemplar definition. The MI-PB assists the user in making judgements about how close the practice performance under consideration is to a particular target.

The MI-PB is a free download