I specialise in helping practitioners become more proficient in managing awkward conversations, where issues of behaviour change are centre-stage, using motivational interviewing as the reference style.

I’ve been a trainer for twenty-five years. My experience extends across diverse fields, countries and cultures, and from brief seminars to comprehensive week-long workshops. I’ve provided training and practice development coaching for more than 300 commissioning organisations in 18 countries, in the fields of healthcare, addictions treatment, criminal justice, social care, employment guidance and academic research.

I’ve worked with co-trainers in Canada, Iran, South Africa and India, and throughout Europe and Scandinavia. I’ve co-led training events for the European Commission and for the United Nations Office on Drugs & Crime. For a decade I was a visiting lecturer to Nord University in Norway and to Glasgow University in Scotland. For the last five years I’ve been a member of a team sponsored by the European Union – The Penitentiary and Probation Support Project – working with the Georgian Ministry of Justice in Tbilisi.